ITN December 2021


  • A comparative approach to compensation in international property law claims: What lessons for international investment law? An interview with lead author, Esmé Shirlow. Read
  • They concern you more than you know: On the perils and potential of international investment agreements for the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and COVID-19 discussions at the WTO. By Dafina Atanasova. Read
  • Breakthrough in business and human rights binding treaty negotiation but be prepared for a bumpy road ahead. By Joe Zhang. Read
  • ICSID tribunals fail to address the imbalance between sustainable development principles and investment protections. By Naimeh Masumy. Read
  • Eco Oro and the twilight of policy exceptionalism. By J. Benton Heath. Read

News in Brief

  • Structured discussions on investment facilitation continue during lead-up to now-postponed ministerial conference. Read
  • ECT modernization negotiations continue while agreement continues to attract criticism for impact on climate. Read
  • UNCITRAL WGIII continues work on adjudicator code of conduct. Read

Awards and Decisions

  • Spain held liable in another renewable energy case and ordered to pay EUR 22 million in compensation for damages. By Maria Bisila Torao. Read
  • Majority in Eco Oro v. Colombia finds violation of minimum standard of treatment, holds that a general environmental exception does not preclude obligation to pay compensatio. Read