UNCTAD Report on new IIAs and IIA reform processes in 2020–2021

UNCTAD Report on new IIAs and IIA reform processes in 2020–2021

International Obligations Governing the Activities of Export Credit Agencies in Connection With the Continued Financing of Fossil Fuel-Related Projects and Activities

This legal opinion, commissioned by Oil Change International,  lays out the responsibilities of export credit agencies and governments regarding the financing of fossil fuel projects.

The Function of Equity in International Law

Draws on investment arbitration to make a normative argument about the role of equity in international law.

UNCTAD’s SDG Investment Trends Monitor (April 2021)

UNCTAD’s SDG Investment Trends Monitor (April 2021)

Bangladesh and International Law

A comprehensive analysis of international law from Global South perspectives with specific reference to Bangladesh.

UNCTAD’s Investment Policy Monitor (February 2021)

Available here.

African Arbitration Atlas

The Atlas:
Includes African Arbitration Legislation (AAL)
A non-exhaustive Directory of African International Arbitrators (DAIA)

Investment Trends Monitor

UNCTAD (October 2020) Available here

Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Investment Promotion

Investment promotion agencies are increasingly integrating gender concerns into their work.

UNCTAD’s IIA Reform Accelerator – A New Tool to Facilitate Investment Treaty Reform

UNCTAD’s IIA Reform Accelerator – A New Tool to Facilitate Investment Treaty Reform Available here

Twenty-Fourth Report on G20 Investment Measures

UNCTAD/OECD Available here

Investment Treaties and the Legal Imagination. How Foreign Investors Play by Their Own Rules

This book explores the role of private sector actors (business leaders, bankers, and international lawyers) in the development of international investment law. It also takes a new look at influential awards, including those related to conflicts involving local communities.

2020 International Arbitration Survey: Investor–State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

This survey and resulting report focus on investors’ views of ongoing ISDS reform processes and positions.

What Is Wrong with Investment Arbitration? Evidence From a Set of Behavioural Experiments

This article uses an experimental approach to better understand public criticism of investment arbitration.

Proportionality and Human Rights Protection in International Investment Arbitration: What’s Left Hanging in the Balance?

This article examines the proportionality analysis carried about by arbitral tribunals when the protection of foreign investment comes into conflict with human rights protections.

International Trade, Investment, and the Sustainable Development Goals

This book examines the ways in which international trade and investment regimes can contribute to or complicate the pursuit of the SDGs.

Admissibility of Shareholder Claims Under Investment Treaties

This book examines the admissibility of shareholder claims under investment treaties and proposes specific admissibility criteria.

Asymmetries in Trade and Investment Regimes in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond: A reflection on subnational government marginalisation and resistance within the trade and investment governance structures

By Ohio Omiunu (Afronomics Law)

International Investment and Competition Law

This is a special issue of the European Yearbook on International Economic Law.

Investment Trends Monitor Special Issue (March 2020)

UNCTAD’s Investment Trends Monitor special issue on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global value chains and FDI.

Investment Policy Monitor Special Issue (May 2020)

UNCTAD’s Investment Policy Monitor special issue on the investment policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

International Protection of Investments: The substantive standards

This book outlines the common protection standards contained in international investment agreements and their application and interpretation by investment tribunals.

Adjudicating Trade and Investment Disputes: Convergence or divergence?

This book contributes to the debate on the fragmentation of international law and examines the possible convergence of international trade and investment law, with a focus on dispute settlement.

UNCITRAL Working Group III Webinars

Webinar topics include the establishment of an advisory centre; multilateral instrument on ISDS reform; treaty parties’ involvement and control mechanisms on treaty interpretation; and mediation.

Africa Arbitration Academy Protocol on Virtual Hearings in Africa 2020

The Africa Arbitration Academy has just launched its Protocol on Virtual Hearings in Africa.

China, the EU and International Investment Law: Reforming investor–state dispute settlement

This book analyzes subjects being negotiated in the China–EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). It focuses on the pathway of reforming ISDS from both Chinese and European perspectives.

Global Investment Trend Monitor No. 32

Global FDI flows in the first half of 2019 were 24 per cent higher than in the first half of 2018.

Contributory Fault and Investor Misconduct in Investment Arbitration

Investors must be held to account for their flawed contributions or otherwise wrongful conduct, but opinions vary on whether such circumstances are relevant to admissibility, jurisdiction, liability or remedies.

The Right of States to Regulate in International Investment Law

This book addresses the balance between the host state’s right to regulate and the investor’s right to obtain a FET standard under international investment law.

Investment Arbitration in Central and Eastern Europe: Law and practice

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are the respondents of most investment arbitration cases initiated against EU member states.

Master Class on International Investor–State Arbitration: What is it? How does it work?

In the 1h45min video, Jeswald W. Salacuse, Distinguished Professor and Henry J. Braker Professor of Law at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, provides a comprehensive study of international investor–state arbitration from historical background and procedures to real-world application and in-depth analysis.

Judicial Acts and Investment Treaty Arbitration

This book focuses on distinctive particularities of judicial acts of states, which are becoming increasingly subjected to international investment claims.

Review of ISDS Decisions in 2018: Selected IIA reform issues

This IIA Issues Note reviews publicly available decisions in ISDS cases, with a focus on cases and issues of relevance for treaty drafting and IIA reform.

Mediation in International Commercial and Investment Disputes

The book indicates that the resolution of international commercial and investment disputes has been dominated almost exclusively by international arbitration, but that international mediation and conciliation are now coming to the fore.