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Energy Subsidies in Other Countries


Subsidies for fossil fuels finish! Sub-subsidy mining is the profound fruit for the financing and implementation of Agenda 2030

(Originally written in German, below is a preview of translated copy) Reduction and redistribution of fossil fuel subsidies (FFS) is a profound fruit for the financing and implementation of the global sustainable development targets (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030. First, FFS reform has a broad support base ranging from sustainable development to radical Advocates of free market and lean state enough.

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From Paris to Lofoten and Back: A Call for a Managed Decline of the Fossil-Fuel Industry

Two events this September set a new bar for climate change leadership. First, over 340 non-governmental organisations from 67 countries signed the Lofoten Declaration. This document calls for an end to exploration and expansion of new oil, gas and coal reserves, a managed decline of the oil, coal, and gas industry, and a just transition to a safer climate future.

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