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Reports: Fact Sheet: Energy subsidy in India

IISD in association with PowerforAll has published a factsheet on shift in energy subsidies in India with fossil fuel subsidy reforms, with a specific focus on subsidies to DRE sector. Follow this link to view the fact sheet.

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Reports: Beyond Fossil Fuels: Indonesia's fiscal transition

Indonesia is one of the few developing countries that has the capability of reducing fiscal independence on revenues from fossil fuel production as government revenues are in rapid decline. Investments in renewable energy can be one of the sectors driving diversification of the Indonesian economy and its fiscal transition away from fossil fuels.

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Commentary: Support for Clean Cooking in India

India is currently one of the most polluted countries in the world, with air pollution contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths per year—much caused by burning biomass fuel, such as wood and dung. The health impacts, and the burden of collecting and preparing traditional fuels, falls disproportionately on women and children.

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