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A landscape shot of a windmill

Renewable Energy Subsidies & Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

In 2014, consumption subsidies for fossil fuels were three times more than renewable subsidies. However, a simple comparison does not show the extent to which renewable energy is disadvantaged nor show the opportunities that come with phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.

Blog: #G20takeaction now: Civil society organizations call for G20 governments to end subsidies to fossil fuels

On behalf of IISD’s Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI), I presented at the panel discussion on Addressing the Challenges for the Global Energy Transition towards Climate Compatible Future on August 7 at the Civil 20 (C20) Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The summit’s objective was to facilitate an exchange among civil society representatives from G20 and other countries on the G20 agenda.

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Reports: The End of Coal: Alberta's coal phase-out

In November 2015, the Canadian province of Alberta committed to a phase-out of coal power by 2030. The phase-out of coal power in Alberta will involve the retirement of over 40 per cent of Alberta’s 2016 installed capacity and the de facto phase-out of local thermal coal mines.

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Reports: A Financially Sustainable Power Sector: Developing assessment methodologies

This paper explores the concept of financial sustainability and proposes a framework to analyze electricity sectors based on this concept. Financial sustainability, as defined here, includes assessment of factors that directly present a cost—such as pricing electricity below the cost of production—in addition to those which may lead to additional costs in the future, such as an inability to make investments to respond to changes in demand.

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