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Coal Phase Out

Reports: G20 Coal Subsidies: Tracking government support to a fading industry

This research tracks each G20 country’s progress in phasing out subsidies to the production and consumption of coal (including coal-fired power), looking at fiscal support, public finance and state-owned enterprise investment. The report summarizes key findings from 18 parallel country briefs, with accompanying data sheets that list all the support identified for each country.

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News: G20 support to coal power plants increases by more than double: Report

Geneva, June 25, 2019 - G20 governments have more than doubled the amount of financial support they provide to coal power plants in just three years, despite pledging a decade ago to phase out subsidies to all fossil fuels and help prevent catastrophic climate change. In a new report, ‘G20 coal subsidies: Tracking government support to a fading industry’, researchers found that despite a historic fall in total inves

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