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Préparer l’avenir dès aujourd’hui : Orientation stratégique de l’IISD pour 2020-2025

Par Richard Florizone on 14 juillet 2020

The next phase of IISD’s development will be guided by five core priorities—Climate, Resources, Economies, Act Together and Engage. Together these five priorities form our CREATE strategy, presented in this document. They will guide our actions over the next five years. 

We have focused externally on areas we deem ripe for transformation, where shifts in policy have the potential to change the nature of the game within this decade and where we have a proven record of making significant gains. Internally, we have highlighted areas for increased efficiency, effectiveness, and impact to ensure we can deliver on our goals.

Now more than ever, the global community faces choices that can either lead us toward or away from a more peaceful and prosperous future. Which will we choose?

For IISD, the answer is clear. Join us, and let’s create a more sustainable world together.

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