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Roundtable: The GEF’s Future with New Agreements and Emerging Themes

This session at the Seventh GEF Assembly will offer an opportunity for critical stocktaking, both for the future of the GEF with new agreements/landmark decisions and for exploring emerging modalities and innovative approaches to address these emerging themes for the global environment.
Conference August 25, 2023

Accelerating Innovation and Private Investment in Climate Adaptation

Securing financing for climate adaptation projects is key for tackling the effects of climate change. This session at the Seventh GEF Assembly will explore how to accelerate innovation and private investment in climate change adaptation in developing countries.
Conference August 23, 2023

IISD at the Seventh GEF Assembly

IISD will be attending the Seventh GEF Assembly and its program of side events, speaking on the themes of investing in climate adaptation, conversations beyond GDP, mobilizing private sector finance for the climate and biodiversity, and the future of the GEF.
Conference August 21, 2023

High-Level Political Forum 2023 Debrief

A brief snapshot of the proceedings at the 2023 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development and the challenges in the coming year.
Webinar July 25, 2023