Blue mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Knowledge Co-production Workshop: Exploring intersectionality in climate change adaptation

IISD invited a small group of researchers, advocates, and practitioners in Istanbul, Türkiye to discuss and explore the concept of intersectionality and its application in climate change adaptation policy-making. 

May 28, 2024 10:00 am - May 30, 2024 5:00 pm



The Knowledge Co-production workshop: Exploring Intersectionality in Climate Change Adaptation was held in Istanbul, Türkiye, from May 28 to 30, 2024. This workshop aimed to create a collaborative space for expert researchers, practitioners, and advocates to explore and develop practical strategies for integrating intersectionality into climate change adaptation planning and policy-making. 

Workshop Objectives

This workshop had several key objectives: 

  • Unpacking Intersectionality: Participants relearned the concept of intersectionality by removing assumptions and biases to identify practical steps for applying intersectional approaches to their work. 
  • Identifying Challenges and Opportunities: Activities within the workshop provided a platform to identify the specific challenges and opportunities for implementing intersectionality in climate change adaptation. 
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: Through various discussions and activities, participants mapped out entry points for implementing intersectionality at different levels of policy-making and adaptation planning. 


This workshop was facilitated by Sara Huang and Nohad ElHajj from Perspectivity, who created an interactive and inclusive environment for participants to engage in. 

Workshop details