WEBINAR | Vertical Integration in NAP Processes: Linking national and sub-national adaptation

How are countries linking national and sub-national adaptation? Join this NAP Global Network to learn more.

April 27, 2017 8:00 pm

How are countries linking national and sub-national adaptation?

One of the two objectives of the NAP process is to integrate climate change adaptation into new and existing development planning across sectors and levels.

This webinar will explore approaches to vertical integration—the process of creating intentional and strategic linkages between national and sub-national adaptation planning, implementation and monitoring & evaluation (M&E).

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The webinar agenda was as follows:

  • Introduction to the NAP Global Network and Webinar Series (Hayley Price-Kelly, NAP Global Network Secretariat)
  • Introduction to vertical integration in the NAP process (Angie Dazé, Associate, IISD)
  • Country experiences with vertical integration in South Asia (Aditya Bahadur, Regional Programme Manager, Action on Climate Today)
  • Interview: Nepal’s Experience (Batu Krishna Uprety, Team Leader, NAP Formulation Process Nepal)
  • Q&A
  • Next steps and closing

About the NAP Global Network’s Webinar Series

The NAP Global Network’s webinar series provides an online forum for sharing lessons and experiences that are emerging as countries progress through their NAP processes. Each webinar addresses a specific technical topic related to national adaptation planning through presentations of countries’ experiences, relevant research and guidance, and opportunities for discussion by participants.

Watch a recording and see presentations from our first webinar, Sector Integration in the NAP Process.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming webinars in our series, including:

  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the NAP process
  • A subset of webinars on financing the NAP process, covering domestic public finance, international public finance and private sector finance.

Further webinars in the series will be announced on an on-going basis.



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