Webinar | Strategies for financing National Adaptation Plan implementation, with lessons from Cambodia and Tajikistan

July 17, 2018 8:00 pm


How can countries develop effective financing strategies to enable implementation of the activities prioritized through their National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process?

Significant financing is needed throughout the NAP process, especially in its implementation phase. NAP financing strategies can play a critical role in systematically supporting a coordinated national approach to identifying financing needs throughout the NAP process.

This webinar explored best practices and lessons on developing a NAP financing strategy, with country case studies from Cambodia and Tajikistan.


The webinar agenda was:

  • Introduction to financing NAP processes (Angie Dazé, IISD/NAP Global Network)
  • GIZ’s support on NAP process financing, including methodologies and linkages to NDC implementation (GIZ's Climate Finance Readiness Programme)
  • Cambodia’s experience financing the NAP process (Erik Wallin, GIZ Cambodia)
  • Tajikistan’s experience financing the NAP process (Claudia Haller, GIZ Tajikistan)
  • Q&A
  • Next steps and closing



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