Europe Launch | The role of responsible investments in agriculture for the transition towards more sustainable food systems

December 7, 2020 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CET

(Open to public)

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This event will be  held under the auspices of the European Parliamentary Alliance against Hunger.

Sustainable investments throughout the agricultural value-chain can play a huge rule in achieving the 2030 agenda, supporting countries mitigating the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation and addressing rural poverty and inequalities.

Parliamentarians hold a strategic position to promote the enhancement of public responsible investments into the agricultural sector, and to put in place the conditions to increase private responsible investments, while ensuring well-defined safeguards are in place to prevent damages to the environment and communities. They can put in place actions that facilitate complementarity between different kinds of investments, and thus contribute to sustainable development.

In collaboration with parliamentarians from different regions, FAO and the International Institute for Sustainable Development have developed a Practical Handbook on Responsible Investments in Agriculture and Food Systems for Parliamentarians and Advisors, which will be launched at this event. 

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The Green Deal is at the core of the EU’s COVID-19 recovery package and is an integral part of the European Union’s strategy to implement the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable and responsible investments should be at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery to build community resilience, generate jobs, empower women and youth, invest in small-holder family farmers, and improve their access to agricultural assets, land, finance, knowledge. Interpretation will be available in English, French and Spanish. 

The event is specifically targeted to Members of the European Parliament, parliamentary advisors and those who work within parliamentary contexts; participation is opened to all  interested stakeholders, including parliamentarians and advisors from other regions.

Download the Handbook at this link.



Rodrigo de Lapuerta Montoya, Director of the FAO Liaison office with the European Union and Belgium
Mr. John Clarke, Director for International Affairs, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission
Ms. Beth Bechdol, Deputy Director-General, FAO
Soraya Rodríguez Ramos , Member of the European Parliament
Paolo de Castro, Member of the European Parliament
Mr Sebastian Lesch, Head of Division, International Agricultural Policy, Agriculture and Innovation, German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Presidency of the Council of the EU