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The Circular Economy and Inclusive Employment: Modelling key sectors and products

Our side event will present the results of a study carried out by Sitra and IISD to estimate the employment impacts of adopting a circular economy in Finland.

June 3, 2019 8:00 pm

Helsinki, Finland

(Open to public)

How does a circular economy affect jobs?

At the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF 2019) in Helsinki, Finland, our side event will present the results from a study carried out by Sitra and IISD to estimate the impacts that adopting a circular economy would have on employment in Finland. There are broader lessons not only for the European Union and other countries looking to adopt circular economy approaches but also for those interested in job growth potential and concerns about job shifts within the economy.

The overall objective is to provide a range of estimates of the dynamic net job effects of the circular economy, as well as key effects outside of Finland, focusing primarily on related net job effects among other European partners.

Register for this side event through the WCEF site. Please note that all side sessions are exclusively for WCEF 2019 participants.

Deadline for registration: May 25, 2019



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