BEPS Risks in the Mining Sector: Practical Cases

September 4, 2019 8:00 pm

Avenue de Tervueren 153

The III Meeting of the CIAT International Taxation Network will take place in Brussels next week, and the IGF BEPS Team will be presenting a session on "BEPS Risks in the Mining Sector: Practical Cases" which is scheduled for September 5th

In 2017, the CIAT Executive Secretariat began promoting the “International Taxation Network” which meets once a year. Its purpose is to keep contact between tax administration experts, exchange experiences, generate useful products, determine regional criteria and promote technical cooperation among peers. 

Objectives of the International Taxation Network

  • Strengthen relationships between officials of the international taxation areas of developing countries and experts, in general, which may gradually promote cooperation and harmonization.
  • Exchange regional and international practices.
  • Promote cooperation actions between peers.
  • Propose and carry out coordinated works within the network, which may become support tools for identifying and controlling harmful International Tax Planning.
  • If possible, generate regional conclusions that could be the subject of debates within the framework of global meetings.
  • Monitor the status of the CIAT member countries in the area of international taxation. 

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