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IISD's GENERata is a new hub for knowledge and leading edge thinking on sustainable development

May 19, 2009

WINNIPEG—May 20, 2009—The International Institute for Sustainable Development has launched GENERata as a new hub of knowledge on sustainable development as part of its ongoing commitment to provide virtual access to its unique collection of information.

GENERata builds on this standard of excellence with a new interactive framework to help users draw knowledge from the vast database of resources on a wide-range of sustainable development issues. There are over 44,000 sources referenced in the online catalogue.

Since its inception, IISD's virtual library has been building the world's best collection of materials to describe a world of sustainable development. It is one of the few specialized public libraries with a collection focused on the environment and how it links to human interaction.

"GENERata brings together the best thinking on sustainable development," said Marlene Roy, manager of IISD'S Research and Learning Resources.

"It is a brain trust. It is part of our ongoing commitment to offer the most comprehensive information and knowledge on issues and trends related to sustainable development. Our collection is virtually accessible to everyone—24/7."

GENERata will also focus on the world's Thought Leaders with a series of interviews on those individuals with the knowledge and wisdom to offer guidance and insight on the world's urgent challenges.

GENERata is an excellent resource for everyone interested in issues related to sustainable development, particularly researchers, journalists and a new generation of content creators.

MORE ABOUT GENERata and IISD's Research Library

GENERata keeps you up-to-date on sustainable development issues, trends and insights from creative thinkers. It takes the best information and transforms it into knowledge, showcases ideas and captures the past to inform the future. And for those wanting to delve further into topics, there is an entire Knowledge Finder section to guide you.

GENERata is produced by IISD's Research Library, one of the few libraries worldwide with a sustainable development focus and ‘24-7' access through its on-line catalogue-SD-Cite. It aims to ignite discovery, exploration, innovation and collaboration. With sustainable development aims becoming more urgent, filtering vast amounts of information and making sense of it has become critical for solving difficult problems.

To achieve these aims, the Research Library has developed a number of products and services including SD-Cite on-line catalogue, Weekly Journal Review, Reference services and maintaining a print and electronic collection as well as GENERata.

IISD's Research Library specifically locates, organizes and provides access to knowledge about:

  • Sustainable development policy and its theoretical underpinnings
  • General works on the relationship between environment and development
  • Ecological and environmental economics
  • Poverty links to environment
  • Human development and well-being
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Ecosystem goods and services
  • International sustainable development negotiations, regimes and decision-making
  • Environmental governance and multilateral environmental agreements
  • Energy and climate change policy
  • Trade and foreign direct investment policy and links to sustainable development
  • Natural resources management and policy
  • Integrated assessment
  • Measurement and indicators of sustainable development
  • Environment and security
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Watershed management and policy
SD-Cite, the library catalogue, provides access to books, articles, journal titles and gray literature on these topics. It enables the creation of custom resource lists, RSS feeds of search results, and updates on the library's newest holdings.
For more information please contact Nona Pelletier.

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