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IISD conference demonstrates high level of interest in accountability

February 28, 2010
WINNIPEG—March 1, 2010—The International Institute for Sustainable Development expects a full house at the Canadian Sustainability Indicators Network's two-day conference on Accountability Through Measurement in Toronto, March 2 and 3.

Interest in accountability through measurement has been growing steadily, with government, business and community members in CSIN rising to 1,200 today, from just 350 members two years ago.

"We have seen interest rise with an increasing need to demonstrate accountability and progress towards sustainability goals," said CSIN coordinator Christa Rust. "Indicators are being used at every level of government, business and community to better inform decision-making and strategic management."

László Pintér, IISD director of measurement and assessment, said Canada's interest in these developments is part of a global movement.

"Demand for increased accountability and tools that measure real progress is being driven by unprecedented and concurrent crises to climate, food, health, energy and the economy and the need to respond to even greater challenges ahead," he said.

The 2nd National CSIN Conference follows OECD's Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life World Forum, held in South Korea in October 2009, which featured the launch of IISD's BellagioSTAMP, a set of guiding principles to measure and assess progress towards sustainability.

The gala dinner, featuring a keynote address by Roy Romanow, chair of the Canadian Institute of Wellbeing, has already sold out, with leaders of some of Canada's largest businesses and institutions expected to attend.

The media desk will open in Spadina Foyer of the Marriott Courtyard at 7:30 a.m., March 2. Registration is available online.

About CSIN

The Canadian Sustainable Indicators Network (CSIN) is housed with IISD's Measurement and Assessment program in Winnipeg. CSIN connects the institute with international, national, provincial, regional and local communities.

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