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IISD Chairman Emeritus heads World Bank Inspection Panel

February 28, 2001

WINNIPEG — Jim MacNeill, Chairman Emeritus of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, was unanimously re-elected by the members of the World Bank's Inspection Panel to serve as Chairman of the Panel effective March 1, 2001 until February 28, 2002.

The Inspection Panel was created in 1993 to provide an independent forum to private citizens who believe they or their interests have been or could be harmed by a project financed by the World Bank. People affected by a project may now present their concerns to the Panel in a Request for Inspection. Since it began operations in September 1994, the Panel has received 21 formal Requests for Inspection.

MacNeill is a policy advisor on environment, energy, management and sustainable development to international organizations, governments and industry. He is a member of several boards including those of the Woods Hole Research Center and the Wuppertal Institute on Climate and Energy Policy. He was Secretary General of the World Commission on the Environment and Development (the Brundtland Commission) and a major author of "Our Common Future," the Commission's acclaimed report. He served for seven years as Director of Environment for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Earlier, he was a deputy minister in the Government of Canada. MacNeill holds a graduate diploma in Economics and Political Science from the University of Stockholm and Bachelor's Degrees in Science (Math and Physics) and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.

He is the recipient of a number of awards, including the Order of Canada. He was appointed as a member of the Inspection Panel on August 1, 1997 and has been the Chairman of the Panel since March 1, 1999.

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