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IISD and AMC issue preliminary report on community indicators project

July 22, 2008

WINNIPEG—The International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs have released a preliminary report, Framework Development and the Community Engagement Process (PDF - 980 kb), on the joint project to develop a sustainability indicators system for Winnipeg's First Nations community.

Over the past few months, IISD has been facilitating a series of grassroots forums with the urban First Nation community and their service sector providers, in order to understand the issues and build a culturally-specific indicator system. The indicator system is designed to give First Nation people in Winnipeg an effective and understandable tool that reflects the issues that impact their well-being and measures progress towards their vision for the future.

"We are very encouraged by the results of this project so far," said AMC Grand Chief Ron Evans. "We are here to serve all First Nations, whether on or off reserve. This project is providing a guideline as to how we can best do this for the urban First Nations."

The interim report highlights the many issues, identified by the urban community, which have an impact on their well-being. IISD is now working to gather baseline data to help measure the impact of these issues on the community's well-being. The baseline indicators and findings are expected to be shared with the community and media in the fall, as well as the plan for part two of this project, which currently remains contingent on funding.

The second part of this project will aim to engage the community in the development of a shared vision for the future and establish a community steering committee. IISD will work with the community steering committee to build the necessary capacity to develop a strategic action plan, and to maintain, update and manage the indicator system over time.

"Community ownership of this project is essential to its success," IISD project manager Christa Rust said." If the indicators aren't relevant, they won't be effective."

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

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    Director of Corporate Communications Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
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    Media and Communications Officer
    International Institute for Sustainable Development
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