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Funding for International Institute for Sustainable Development

July 25, 2001

$5.7 Million Five-year Agreement to Support Centre of Excellence in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Premier Gary Doer today announced the signing of a five-year, $5.7 million funding agreement with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

"The Institute promotes the principles and practices of sustainable development on a national and international basis," said Doer. "It performs an important role researching sustainable development practices and promoting education and information."

The provincial funding will support ongoing program delivery, operating expenses and specific project funding. The IISD established its head office in Winnipeg in 1990.

Over the next five years, the Institute will focus on:

  • creative responses to climate change and its impacts;
  • more sustainable forms of agriculture and natural resource use; and
  • improved methods for the public and private sectors to measure progress toward sustainable development.

"The government and the Institute have enjoyed a close working relationship since the Institute's inception," the premier stated. "We expect that relationship will continue and grow in the years ahead."

Under the terms of the new funding agreement, the province will contribute $4.6 million towards ongoing operating costs and up to $1.1 million for specific project funding based on government priority needs. Two areas being considered for funding are climate change initiatives and the Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development.

"The continued operation of the Institute and its presence in Winnipeg are necessary to continue important sustainability research being conducted in Canada," said Doer.

David Runnalls, President of the International Institute for Sustainable Development says that the money will allow the organization to do work on a range of sensitive issues such as global trade policies as well as projects within the Province. "IISD is not only a policy think tank, but a high tech organization that works at the provincial, national and international level."

This research will take on greater significance as Manitoba implements the recommendations of the Consultation on Sustainable Development Implementation (COSDI) initiative.

About IISD

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an award-winning independent think tank working to accelerate solutions for a stable climate, sustainable resource management, and fair economies. Our work inspires better decisions and sparks meaningful action to help people and the planet thrive. We shine a light on what can be achieved when governments, businesses, non-profits, and communities come together. IISD’s staff of more than 250 experts come from across the globe and from many disciplines. With offices in Winnipeg, Geneva, Ottawa, and Toronto, our work affects lives in nearly 100 countries.