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Action on Implementation of Copenhagen Accord Most Critical for Canada

By Deborah Murphy, John Drexhage on September 13, 2010

The government of Canada has decided that its climate change response will be closely linked to that of the United States.

However, Canada does not yet have a full elaboration of how it will meet its Copenhagen target of a 17 per cent reduction from 2005 levels by 2020, and is unlikely to develop such a plan until there is clarification on how the United States will meet its target. While Canada may need to wait for the United States before deciding on a carbon pricing system, that should not stop Canada from exploring other initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concludes a new paper released today by the Canadian International Council (CIC).

Climate Change and Foreign Policy in Canada: Intersection and Influence argues that the Copenhagen Accord has the potential to develop a solid foundation and framework to help countries begin to respond effectively to climate change. Strong action is needed in Canada and other developed countries.

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