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IISD Trade and Sustainability Review, Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2024

This edition of the IISD Trade and Sustainability Review highlights seven critical topics of trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization's upcoming Thirteenth Ministerial Conference (MC13). The authors delve into e-commerce, environment, development, fisheries subsidies, WTO reform, investment facilitation, and food security to prepare us all for the upcoming negotiations.

By Managing Editor: Jennifer Freedman on January 9, 2024


Fisheries Subsidies: Will World Trade Organization members finish the job at MC13?

Tristan Irschlinger

Tristan Irschlinger traces the future of the landmark fisheries subsidies agreement at the WTO by envisioning broader rules, managing the involvement of the largest players, and creating flexibilities for developing countries.

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World Trade Organization Agriculture Negotiations at MC13: Thinking beyond non-binding food security declarations

Facundo Calvo

Facundo Calvo stresses the essential role of binding commitments, rules, and disciplines to effectively regulate trade in food and agriculture, particularly to enhance food security in least-developed countries.

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Reforming the World Trade Organization

Alice Tipping

Alice Tipping navigates through the opposing views that are shaping reform at the WTO, including changes in the dispute settlement system, plurilateral treaty on investment facilitation, and special and differential treatment.

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Development Issues for the Thirteenth Ministerial Conference—Deal Breaker or Game Changer?

Rashid S. Kaukab

Rashid S. Kaukab spotlights two complex development issues up for negotiation at MC13: special differential treatment for developing economies and the transition of LDCs after graduating from their category.

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Tough Road Ahead to Integrate Investment Facilitation Agreement Into World Trade Organization System

Rashmi Jose

Rashmi Jose delves into the origins, content, and challenges of integrating the plurilateral Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement into the WTO framework.

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E-Commerce Takes Centre Stage at World Trade Organization in Run-up to MC13

Yasmin Ismail and Rashmi Jose

Yasmin Ismail and Rashmi Jose explore the developments in the role and dynamics of trade-related e-commerce discussions leading up to the WTO's 13th Ministerial Conference.

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Is the World Trade Organization Up to the Challenge of Prioritizing the Environment at MC13?

Ieva Baršauskaitė

Ieva Baršauskaitė tackles the complexities of revitalizing trade and environment discussions at the WTO to discern whether environmental issues will be a priority in the upcoming 13th Ministerial Conference.

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