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Pauline Gerrard

Deputy Director, IISD-ELA and Corporate Secretary

Pauline Gerrard is the Deputy Director of IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA). She works with the Executive Director, IISD-ELA, on overall strategic, financial and operational management of IISD-ELA. She is also responsible for board relations and liaison, theory of change progress tracking and monitoring, continued leadership of IISD-ELA’s outreach and education programming. 

Ms. Gerrard’s educational background is in Environmental Science and Ecology, and she has extensive experience in program management and training program delivery, having worked from 2001-2010 for WWF in Laos as a program manager for both the Greater Mekong Program and WATER (Wastewater Treatment through Effective Wetland Restoration of That Luang Marsh).

Pauline has also worked as a consultant, research associate and field technician in forestry, fisheries management, wetlands restoration, natural resources management, biodiversity conservation and climate adaptation.


Phone: (204) 958-7700 ext. 727

  • Education

    Master of Science – Environmental Biology and Ecology (2000): University of Alberta.

    Bachelor of Science (1996): University of Manitoba.