Lower Winnipeg River Basin Discussion Sheet Series Sheet #4 | Water Quality and Nutrient Loading

By Madeline Stanley, Geoffrey Gunn, Dimple Roy on May 31, 2021
  • The Winnipeg River is the second-largest contributor of nutrients (in absolute terms) to Lake Winnipeg.

  • The potential impact of metal exceedances on aquatic life in the lower Winnipeg River is unknown, as are the major source contributors.

  • Four sites on the lower Winnipeg River basin are monitored by three organizations using different analytical methods and sampling periods.

The lower Winnipeg River basin (LWRB) is located in the northwest section of the entire Winnipeg River basin (WRB), which spans parts of western Ontario and small parts of Manitoba and northern Minnesota, United States. The Discussion Sheet Series highlights research on ecological and socio-economic aspects of the basin to encourage discussion with experts, government departments, Indigenous groups, and stakeholders. The Discussion Sheet Series is based on available data collected in 2018 and 2019. Sheet 4 of 11 summarizes water quality and nutrient loading in the LWRB

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IISD, 2021