The State of Trade and Environment Law 2003: Implications for Doha and Beyond

By Stephen Porter on September 12, 2003
The relationship between trade and environment has, over the last decade, become an important focus for many environmental and other civil society groups. In an effort to make this focus more productive, IISD and the Center for International Environmental Law have joined forces to look at the current state of trade law as it relates to some key environmental issues. The thesis is that the state of trade and environment law has evolved in some important ways since the issues first came on the scene, and that assessing the current state of that evolution will help negotiators and civil society to define both what the law is today and what the law in this area ought to be. This publication was made possible by a generous grant from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Forests and Landscape.

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IISD, CIEL, 2003