Social Rules and Sustainability in the Americas

By Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Nicola Borregaard, Mindahi Bastida Muños, Soledad Salvador, Daniel Taillant, Maria Amparo Alban, Maria Leichner Reynal, Carlos Murillo on March 18, 2004
Social Rules and Sustainability in the Americas, uses a "rights-based approach" to examine social regimes in the Western Hemisphere and develop recommendations for future hemispheric co-operation on social policy in the context of advancing FTAA negotiations. It explains the Inter-American Human Rights System, the Pan-American Health System and other structures of the Organization of American States, and surveys examples of innovative sub-regional co-operation instruments on health, human rights, including socio-laboural rights, social security, gender and indigenous peoples' participation, corporate social responsibility and other social issues from across the Americas. Extending the Winnipeg Principles analysis to social regimes, it proposes ways that the complex and inter-related international frameworks for social development, including human rights protection, could be strengthened for an Americas integration process that would support more equitable sustainable development.

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IISD, 2004