Understanding Adaptive Management and Resilience of Coastal Communities in the Hudson Bay Inland Sea Region

This report assesses climate impacts and identifies key actions to improve resilience in the Hudson Bay Inland Sea region, with a focus on transportation and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

By Pauline Gerrard on July 6, 2016

The impacts of climate change on the Hudson Bay ecosystem are predicted to be one of the greatest drivers of change within the region in the next 50–75 years.

Northern regions have been recognized as especially susceptible to climate stresses and are expected to see greater degrees of change than other regions around the world.

To frame the research in the context of Northern development and the Hudson Bay Inland Sea region, a situation analysis of transportation and information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure was conducted, and available information was mapped for the region. The analysis and mapping exercise showed that transportation infrastructure is highly focused on small airports with a minimal amount of road or rail networks.

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Climate Change Adaptation
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IISD, 2016