Towards a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Ontario: IISD input to MOECC’s Climate Change Discussion Paper

By Melissa Harris, Philip Gass, Anne Hammill, Jo-Ellen Parry, Jason Dion, Robert Repetto, Yanick Touchette, Melissa Harris, Jason Dion, Robert Repetto, Yanick Touchette on April 12, 2015

The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change released its Ontario Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015. This brief outlines IISD’s response to proposed actions related to:

  • Supporting climate-friendly technology
  • Low-carbon growth, buildings and communities
  • An instrument and design features for pricing carbon
  • Leveraging traditional knowledge
  • Recognizing the importance of adaptation
  • Integrating adaptation into infrastructure investment
  • Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies

IISD recommends a cap-and-trade system for Ontario that covers as many sectors and activities as possible, since broad coverage creates a level playing field for economic sectors and helps ensure that the most low-cost mitigation opportunities are realized. It is integral to ensure that the system is credible and stringent, that monitoring and verification are strong, that there is integrity and that a viable price for carbon emerges in Ontario.

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Climate Change Mitigation
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IISD, 2015