Towards Departmental Stewardship Planning in the Saskatchewan Government: Insights from Other Stewardship Planning and Related Efforts in Canada and Abroad

By László Pintér, Darren A. Swanson, Carissa Wieler, Graham Ashford on November 21, 2006

The Green Policy and Integrated Environmental Monitoring Sections of Saskatchewan Environment contracted the International Institute for Sustainable Development in 2005 to conduct background research in support of proposed Departmental Stewardship Planning for the Government of Saskatchewan. Departmental Stewardship Planning is an action to support the goal of Shared Responsibility, Integration and Accountability as set out in the government of Saskatchewan's new Green Strategy. The research report provides insights toward possible departmental stewardship planning pertaining to two important modes by which the government can have an influence on environment and sustainable development:

  • Internal operations of the various provincial government departments. This could include such potential actions as purchasing of goods and services (e.g., green procurement), managing waste, conserving water, managing departmental lands and water, reducing energy use, greening the vehicle fleet, empowering staff; and

  • External influence via government legislation and policy that directly and indirectly influence the management of millions of hectares of Crown land as well as the management of millions of hectares of privately-owned land.

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Saskatchewan Government, 2006