Supporting the Next Generation of Sustainability Leadership

By Dagmar Timmer, Carolee Buckler, Heather Creech on October 3, 2008

As a new generation of leaders in the field of sustainable development emerges, it is imperative that their knowledge and passion is efficiently and effectively channelled into managing the critical issues: reducing CO2 emissions, mechanisms to ensure reliable and sustainable food and water supply, plans for protecting and enhancing biodiversity, pollution prevention and clean-up, and harnessing the power of the market for sustainable development.

This paper presents the results of IISD's 2008 survey of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) members' training programs for ages 20-35. It serves as the foundation document for a workshop on Supporting the Next Generation of Sustainability Leadership at IUCN Congress 2008 aimed at exploring collaborative possibilities to shape future training programs by reviewing existing programs, highlighting key issues and identifying the possible next steps.

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IISD, 2008