Scoping the Convergences of Knowledge, Technology, Community and Decision-making

By Heather Creech on May 3, 2007
This IISD Knowledge Communications Practice Note looks at convergence among knowledge, technology, community and decision-making.

Knowledge concepts and practices for international organizations have emerged out of a cross fertilization of management approaches in the private sector, innovation in the uses of information and communications technologies, and processes for addressing international development through more consultative approaches. Influencing sectors, disciplines and communities include:
  • Private sector information and knowledge management experiments
  • Social science and popular culture influences, including social network analysis
  • Technological evolution, including new approaches to collective ownership of intellectual property
  • Lessons from the international development field on technology transfer, K4D and community capabilities
  • Research sector (including academic, government, NGO, R&D departments in companies) on knowledge generation, research networks and policy influence
  • Civil society engagement, networking and participation in decision making
  • Multistakeholder processes as an emerging "sector"; new forms of governance through transnational, trans-sectoral approaches

These notes were originally prepared as background for a study on knowledge mobilization for IUCN – The World Conservation Union; it has subsequently been expanded and updated. For more information on the full study, click here.

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IISD, 2007