Research in Support of the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission's Hog Production Industry Review: Task 2 - Policy/Process Review - Conclusions/Recommendations

By Henry David Venema, Bryan Oborne, Henry David Venema, Allen Tyrchniewicz on December 2, 2007
On 8 November 2006, the Minister of Manitoba Conservation requested that the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) to "conduct a review and produce a report on the environmental sustainability" of the hog industry in Manitoba (Manitoba Conservation 2006). Central to this review is the following item within its Terms of Reference:

The CEC, as a part of its investigation will review the current environmental protection measures now in place relating to hog production in Manitoba in order to determine their effectiveness for the purpose of managing hog production in an environmentally sustainable manner.

In Manitoba one of the largest environmental concerns is the sustainability of its water resources. Recently several organizations, such as the Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba Stewardship boards have been formed to address critical water issues in Manitoba, in particular nutrient loading. Many human activities lead to the movement of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus entering Manitoba's waters. Research has been initiated to review the movement and sources of nutrients in Manitoba's watersheds, but is still in its initial stages.

To fully understand the impacts of particular sectors, such as agriculture or even more specific the hog industry, a total nutrient framework is required that addresses the cumulative impacts of all sectors, and natural nutrient sources on Manitoba's water resources. The development of framework would include a determination of baseline nutrient data and provide the necessary tools and processes to focus on specific sustainability concerns.

In January 2007, the CEC entered into discussions with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to assist in fulfilling its Terms of Reference item #1. In March, IISD produced a concept paper for the CEC. This in turn resulted in the preparation of two research papers (Task 1 and Task 2).

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IISD, 2007