Regulating Carbon Emissions in Canada Offsets and Canada's GHG Regulations: Reducing costs, improving competitiveness and lowering emissions

By Seton Stiebert, David Sawyer, Dale Beugin on December 16, 2011

Dave Sawyer, Seton Stiebert and Dale Beugin undertake a study of how offsets can complement Canada's regulatory approach to greenhouse gas mitigation.

They contend that the use of offsets can reduce costs, improve competitiveness and lower emissions in Canada. Given the fact that offset systems and projects take time to develop, there is a need to start policy development sooner rather than later to ensure emission reductions can be obtained at reasonable costs. As Canada moves forward on climate policy, and greater reductions are sought, the case for offsets increases. With a clear case for offsets established, the government should consider whether offsets are a compliance mechanism for industrial emitters or a stand-alone and independent source of reductions, or both. Please click here (PDF - 688 KB) for a summary of the policy brief.

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Climate Change Mitigation
Regulating Carbon Emissions in Canada
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IISD, 2011