Positive Relationship Work: Organizational Case Study of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

By Terri Willard on February 11, 2009
Many organizations are seeking to build the capacity of networks, particularly that of network secretariats. This case study explores the process and impact of capacity building interactions between the International Development Research Centre and the Association for Progressive Communications from 1996 to 2006. It concludes that that the multiple roles that IDRC has played in APC's development conform to "positive relationship work." In this type of partnership, the donor contributes to capacity building through "suggestive dialogue," and the collaboration is marked by a creative outlook, shared understandings and mutual commitments. Over the years, the relationship has provided avenues through which the two organizations have become "partners in learning"—challenging each other's perspectives, seeking to improve performance, and advancing the application of ICTs to further social justice and address development issues.

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IDRC, 2009