Options for the HLPF Review Mechanism: Background for the 2nd Workshop, New York, May 15, 2014

May 11, 2014

On February 20, 2014, IISD organized a workshop on “Options for the HLPF Review Mechanism”, co-sponsored by Switzerland, Norway, Egypt, Liechtenstein, Peru, Pakistan and the Republic of Korea.

It offered the opportunity for a free-ranging and informal airing both of views concerning the proposed HLPF review mechanism and of the hopes and concerns of Member States. The workshop served as a means of gauging the issues important to Members and that would have to be addressed if the review mechanism is to function optimally. The objective of this paper is to summarize the major themes that emerged from the workshop, and to provide five key questions that need to be answered, ahead of the second workshop on May 15, 2014 in New York City.

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