Mobilizing IUCN's Knowledge to secure a sustainable future: The IUCN Knowledge Management Study

By Heather Creech on March 23, 2006
An Executive Summary of this paper is also available.

A knowledge management study carried out for IUCN. For more than five decades IUCN has used its knowledge to lead and guide conservation thinking around the world. Through its knowledge networks comprised of Commissions and Members, supported by the Secretariat, IUCN has built a remarkable reputation based on its ability to generate, mobilise and provide sound scientific and technical knowledge and advice towards the changes it wants to see in the world. This report suggests a series of strategic moves for IUCN to upgrade to the next generation of strategies and processes for mobilizing its knowledge, its relationships and its communications.

The Study includes a review of the evolution of knowledge management and current trends as well as tables of definitions and typologies of networks and communications practices.

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IUCN, 2006