Mapping the Characteristics of Producer Subsidies: A review of pilot country studies

By Lucky Lontoh, Doug Koplow, Anna Jung, Michael Thöne, Cynthia Lin, Chris Charles (Editor) on August 18, 2010

This paper reviews data sources for fossil-fuel subsidies in a series of countries with a range of differing governance systems, energy markets and stages of economic growth.

Using a detailed matrix setting out the main subsidy policies, the type of fuel and their main data sources, pilot studies have been completed for China, Germany, Indonesia and United States. The report begins to characterise the major subsidy types applied to fossil fuels and the current state of knowledge about each of these categories. The project team for each country evaluated commonly referenced data sources (e.g., databases collected by international bodies) and summarized how the information is gathered, with an important element of the research being an assessment of the data sources, including their strengths and limitations.

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IISD, 2010