Leveraging the Market for a Sustainable Coffee Economy: Opportunities for Renegotiation of the International Coffee Agreement

By Jason Potts, Jason Potts on May 18, 2006
International Cooperation has long been recognized as a fundamental instrument for building sustainable commodities markets. While such cooperation has typically been defined by price stabilization and corresponding supply management strategies, a new generation of supply chain sustainability initiatives has opened the door for catalyzing sustainable production and trade along commodity supply chains. The renegotiation of the International Coffee Agreement presents an unprecedented opportunity for leveraging the potential of supply chain approaches through international cooperation. The working paper Building a Global Strategy for a Sustainable Coffee Sector: Considerations on the Renegotiation of the International Coffee Agreement (849 kb) Image removed.," prepared by IISD for the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Coffee Partnership, presents a series of opportunities for leveraging market-based approaches to building a sustainable coffee economy.

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IISD, 2006