ISO 14000 and Business Strategy: An Annotated Bibliography

By Tom Conway, Vivian Bertrand on January 29, 2002
The vast majority of the pieces in this bibliography present ISO 14000 as a solution to many problems: unintentional trade barriers created by environmental standards; the inefficiency of command and control regulations; and the plethora of permits, inspections, regulations and standards faced by companies trading across international borders. Other authors, if not enthusiastic, suggest that the standard will be necessary for doing business, especially business in Europe. A few authors critique ISO 14000 or doubt its ability to do what others believe it will do. Regardless, many companies are prepared to certify if necessary. Many authors such as Donaldson, Sissell and Watson describe the actions of companies and accreditation boards that are preparing for the standard even though there is still uncertainty regarding the potential impact of the standard.

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IISD, 2002