Handcrafting the World's Freshwater Laboratory: IISD Experimental Lakes Area Annual Report 2021-2022

Every year when summer is in full force, we mull, we ponder—and, yes, we even muse on—the topic of the upcoming annual report.

December 9, 2022

What captures the essence of the work of the world’s freshwater laboratory over the past year?

What story do we want to tell the rest of the world—from the towns of northwestern Ontario to the grand cities that border the African Great Lakes?

This year’s decision was relatively straightforward, as we felt that it was high time to pay tribute to the handcrafted, do-it-yourself attitude that has made IISD Experimental Lakes Area the world’s freshwater laboratory.

Over the next few pages, discover all about the creative, innovative spirit that inspires all that we do, with some examples you can even try at home for yourselves.

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