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By Mark Halle on October 4, 2006
IISD participated in the Great Transition Initiative, a collective effort led by the Tellus Institute to imagine a better future and to map a route towards it. Information on GTI and the 15 theme papers it produced can be found here. Mark Halle, IISD's Director of Trade and Investment, wrote the paper on Trade.

Halle examines what changes would be needed to the multilateral trade rules to enable the transition to three distinct scenarios. One is not too different from the current reality of market-based capitalism, but with far more attention paid to social equity and environmental issues. A second envisions a society where enterprises work for the benefit not principally of the shareholders, but instead of the employees. The third imagines a world where local production is favoured over internationally-traded production. Halle concludes, surprisingly, that it is not principally the trade rules that impede these transitions.

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