Green Box Support Measures Under the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and Chinese Agricultural Sustainable Development - Full Report

By Zhao Yumin, Linxuegui Mayu, Wang Hongxia on May 17, 2004
China (CAITEC): This study examines the Chinese position relative to the ongoing negotiations on the Agreement on Agriculture and addresses the challenges of sustainable development in agriculture arising from structural changes generated from markets opening under the current international framework. The paper states the goal of agro-policy should be diverted from merely seeking quantity, as in the past, to more diversified and balanced development, taking as priority environmental protection, income growth for local farmers, and enhancement of product quality. The paper suggests the role of Green Box measures and WTO disciplines on agricultural support needs to be reformed to incorporate more mechanisms that support sustainable agriculture in developing countries and minimize the trade distorting effects that harm the agriculture and rural community of the developing countries.

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IISD, 2004