Global Market Report: Cocoa

Western Europe and developing economies in Asia are driving demand for cocoa but farm risks may affect supply in the long-term

By Vivek Voora, Steffany Bermúdez, Cristina Larrea on November 20, 2019

Key Messages

  • The volume of sustainably produced cocoa is growing faster than conventionally produced one, in addition to signs of growth in VSS-compliant production among Low Human Development Countries (LHDCs).
  • Market price volatility, income disparity across the value chain, and the effects of rising temperatures are among the challenges that the supply is facing.
  • Voluntary sustainability standards can be an important catalyst to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and contribute to poverty alleviation in cocoa-producing countries.

The cocoa report is the second in the Sustainable Commodities Marketplace Series from IISD, which presents sustainable production and consumption market information on agricultural commodities to foster transparency, knowledge and strategic decision-making for sustainable development. Future reports will focus on banana, cotton, palm oil, soybean, sugar and tea.  

Report details

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IISD, 2019