The Global Initiative on Commodities: From Stakeholder Perspectives to Stakeholder Participation (A Summary of Civil Society Recommendations for Sustainable Commodity Production)

By Jason Potts, Jason Potts, Chris Wunderlich, David Cuming, Michael Chang on April 21, 2009
The Global Initiative on Commodities (GIC) is an international partnership initiative launched by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; the African, Pacific and Caribbean Group; the Common Fund for Commodities; and the United Nations Development Programme designed to break the "conspiracy of silence" regarding the importance of commodities in sustainable development. The priorities of the GIC are outlined in the GIC's Brasilia Outcomes Paper (PDF - 215 kb). Over the course of 2008, IISD's Sustainable Commodity Initiative managed a civil society consultation process to identify CSO views and priorities towards a global strategy for commodities within the GIC. This document summarizes the results of that process as well as the "Chatelaine Consensus," the formal CSO guidance for carrying the GIC forward.

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IISD, 2009