First Nations Carbon Collaborative-Indigenous Carbon Leadership: Voices from the field

By Angelique Slade Shantz, Shaunna Morgan on April 17, 2011

A series of indigenous carbon market case studies have been examined to provide lessons learned and best practices from ten indigenous communities at the forefront of piloting new, innovative and varying approaches to indigenous carbon market participation within differing geographic locations.

As the field of carbon offsets is a relatively new and cutting-edge industry that is constantly changing, it is only natural that challenges would arise. The technical aspects of carbon offset projects are complex, as are the intricacies and variability of indigenous governance regimes. Some of the challenges identified in the case studies were specific to the geographic location, individual community or project methodology. However, throughout the course of the interviews, several common themes emerged from discussions that may have relevance to First Nations in Canada, as they seek to develop carbon projects. The common challenges and corresponding community solutions are summarized in the First Nations Carbon Collaborative—Indigenous Carbon Leadership: Voices from the field.

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IISD, 2011