Field Testing the Draft Canadian Biodiversity Index: A Report on Applying Real Ecosystem Data to the CBI

By Richard Grosshans, László Pintér, Henry David Venema, Carol Murray, Risa Smith, Henry David Venema on November 21, 2006
The loss of biodiversity is recognized as one of the most serious global environmental issues. The Canadian Biodiversity Index (CBI) was developed from a need for a consistent mechanism to assess and convey biodiversity issues and management across Canada. The CBI is a tool for capturing and conveying credible information on the status and trends in biodiversity in a consistent manner and presents it in a composite index. The primary goal of this phase of proof of concept testing (POCT) was to test and evaluate the framework and Testing Manual of the CBI against real ecosystem data. This report addresses key questions and issues resolved during testing, and provides recommendations to the CBI framework and methodology.

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Crown, 2006