Enabling Voices, Demanding Rights: A guide to gender-sensitive community engagement in large-scale land-based investment in agriculture

This guide was prepared jointly by IISD and Oxfam in response to the adverse impacts that large-scale land-based investments in the agricultural sector have often had on women. It also provides suggested options that communities can use to respond to this challenge. 

By Oxfam International, IISD on May 24, 2018

This joint IISD-Oxfam guide was designed in response to the long-standing challenges that women have faced as a result of large-scale land-based investments in the agricultural sector.

It sets out different "entry points" for communities to get involved in the decisions around such investments, with these "entry points" linked to different stages in that process. It clarifies how the guide can be used and what contexts might be appropriate. The guide is also informed by consultations undertaken in various countries regarding community engagement efforts.

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Oxfam International, 2017