Climate Change and Global Governance: Which Way Ahead?

By John Drexhage on November 1, 2007
In this paper, IISD's John Drexhage looks at the climate regime. From the paper: "My argument has more to do with the current reluctance of major economies—including three of the top four global emitters—to submit their GHG emission activities to strict, internationally binding commitments. If, for example, a mitigation regime strictly under the UN means further delay in the U.S. on a post-2012 agreement, due to its Senate being unable to ratify such an agreement, then why not try and set up an alternative structure, even if only as an initial step? Or, given the challenges faced in ratifying any international binding agreement in the U.S. Senate, could we actually envision a situation where the UN regime would apply everywhere but the U.S.? And if so, what would motivate major developing country economies to agree to submit to a system the U.S. would refuse?"

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IISD, 2007