Clean Energy Investment in Developing Countries: Wind power in Egypt

By Peter Wooders, Mohamed ElSobki, Yasser Sherif on December 6, 2009
Wind power development in Egypt has many points in its favour: Egypt's wind resource is one of the best in the world; there is ample land available with low alternative economic value; demand for electricity continues to grow; air quality in the major cities is a key environmental concern and donor support is extremely strong. Yet wind generates just 0.7 per cent of Egypt's electricity supply. This investment case study describes the development of wind generation to date; analyzes the factors supporting and constraining investment; and discusses the conditions that would be necessary for a large-scale implementation of wind power in the future. The work, founded on detailed economic analysis, is designed to demonstrate the issues around encouraging significant clean energy investment within developing countries that are net exporters of fossil fuels.

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IISD, 2009