Challenges and Lessons Learned from Integrated Landscape Management Projects

By Livia Bizikova on April 17, 2009

There are growing concerns about local and regional ecosystems and their vulnerability in relation to human activities.

This case study evaluates 10 Integrated Land Management (ILM) projects from Canada, the U.S. and Europe to provide information that will help promote better awareness of potential environmental and cumulative impacts due to development priorities and choices. ILM builds on a spectrum of approaches including integrated resource management, integrated watershed management, comprehensive regional land use planning and ecosystem-based management. The study found that ILM approaches could provide significant benefits for local and regional decision-makers by helping them understand the linkages between environment and humans, and by providing opportunities to explore potential future development pathways and policies.

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Measurement, Assessment, and Modelling
Integrated Landscape Management
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IISD, 2009