BIOFUELS - AT WHAT COST? Government support for ethanol and biodiesel in the European Union - 2010 Update

By Anna Jung on August 5, 2010

Government support for biofuels has soared in recent years as policy makers have sought ways to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, especially petroleum.

However, up to now the full extent of this support has not been documented. Yet informed public debate over the cost-effectiveness and impacts of biofuel policies is impossible without such information. Biofuels - both ethanol and biodiesel - benefit from large financial support in almost all European Union Member States. This report aims at quantifying all support measures provided in the European Union. It is one of several studies undertaken for or by the Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) examining subsidies and support measures in various countries. This report in particular focuses on the years since 2007 and repre-sents an update of the 2007 report on biofuel support measures in the EU, carried out by Kutas et al. (2007).

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IISD, 2010